It is tastefully luxuriant, unorganized, disheveled, a restaurant that doesn’t bother to comb its hair or pick up its toys. The efficiency of the waiters as they serve the Shangri La dinner for two ($3.80) or Mandarin Cantonese Deluxe for four plus ($5.00) is awesome. On one wall, a space mural; on another, the Mona Lisa. This section lists crossings of the US-Mexico Border that are in the planning or construction phases. 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Moving always to the southeast, on past Governor Dolph Briscoe’s ranch headquarters at Catarina, I felt the approaching excitement of Nuevo Laredo, South Texas’ pagan place, a town to enjoy yourself in, to kick out the slats, to indulge. The Texas Bar has been at its present location for 45 years. A few doors down, you find the Imperial, with its Spanish-modern inside and a dancing, recycled waterfall that is the show stopper. INTERACTIVE MAP OF TEXAS-MEXICO BORDER. The Crosby family lost everything during the 1910 revolution, and fled to Cuba and then to San Antonio. Here are a few of the best: the Peking Roast Duck May ($2.80); Chow Fang Fried Rice (fried rice with bean sprouts, green onion and meat of your choice: $1.60); Chow Sup Kim (diced meats and seafood with Chinese vegetables: $2.80). The appetizers are enticing—among the best are Cantonese fried shrimp and fried won ton. Prostitutes come from all over Mexico to earn money at the brothels. Good music. It’s a street lined with nice, dark bars; the rooms usually are on the second floor. Unlike all other towns on the border, boys’ town in Juarez is in the middle of downtown, along Mariscal Street one block over from Ave. de Juarez. When talking Mexican food and Mexican restaurants, Sanchez doesn’t merely make a statement. BY GOING NORTHWEST OF PRESIDIO on Farm Road 170 for 38 miles, then 15 miles farther on a dirt road, you will come to Candelaria, one of the most isolated settlements in Texas. Otherwise, try again or reset your password. It’s open daily at 11, with a band upstairs except on Mondays. After finishing his day job playing at church, he comes to the Pub, where he sits flanked by piano and organ. The tone and color of everything changes. These are the main border destinations for Winter Texans. It’s located two blocks south of the Texas Bar. THE TOWN OF ROMA BATHES itself in sunny memories of another age. The meals are safe and cost only about 75¢. Matamoros has the finest market on the border, rebuilt after a disastrous fire of a few years back. Wine flows like a canal in this busy room, to the accompaniment of a flamenco dancer, a guitarist, a cartoonist who will immortalize your bibulous buffoonery, and hustling waiters bringing you blue Margaritas, the “Alcazar Especial.” If you’re feeling weird, try one of these. Floor shows in downtown Nuevo Laredo are sit-and-yawn sessions. Enter your email below to send a password reset email. Since the early 1930’s, Miss Frances Howard and Mrs. J. E. Walker had been traveling from Marfa to this remote area to visit their grandparents. Gold Palace is most expensive Capri or Cameliaare best bets. If you plan to take a foreign sports car towards El Paso, have it checked thoroughly before losing sight of your hometown suburbs. The only place to stay in Ojinaga is the Hotel Rohana, a fine hotel with tile floors, high ceilings, and a cool interior. Behind and surrounding the outside patio are the motel rooms. The generals of this store are two marvelous women in their sixties, dressed in blue jeans and western shirts who sell food, clothes, hardware, and other staples to Candelaria’s 15 families. The night I attended, the floorshow featured a dynamite double act—a fast talking emcee-magician and the clincher, two men performing ballet-like contortions on roller skates. From the "Tip of Texas" on the Mexican border to the Panhandle Plains, Texas is full of vibrant small towns. Nomadic Native Americans are permitted use this gate to traverse their land on both sides of the border. Decorated in what is best described as Early American Trim-and-Swim, it has a gourmet menu without a gourmet chef aand is a pulsating pageant of the best/worst Yankee bad taste. Soloman’s is a place of radiant warmth presided over by Jesus Abraham, who suggests the shish kebab marinated in red wine to his customers who drop in at noon. Texas-Mexico Border ; Given the scaremongering that has accompanied recent calls for The Wall to be built along the US-Mexico border, one might be forgiven for thinking that the towns south of that line must be no-go zones, with nothing to offer the traveler but villainy and violence. It's a technically illegal reality that local Border Patrol acknowledges. The talent and the gifts are excellent. When the waters of an 1897 Rio Grande flood receded, the river was found to have changed course, resulting in 386 acres of Mexican territory called "Córdova Island" situated north of the river. Inside is an arresting interior of quiet, Chinese ornamentation: bamboo columns and paper lanterns that provide the perfect amount of light: dim enough for seduction, bright enough to see what you are eating. Typical is the White Lake, which is a very casual, laid-back place with a good juke box. Other spots in Juarez worth knowing about: Virginia’s. Portofino’s: Italian food. Seafood is good: lobster from Australia, fish filet from Iceland, shrimp from Mexico. Lando’s Bar and Curio Shop. Be prepared in all the above places for a once-a-night police frisk. Several large border cities have multiple crossings, often including one or more that bypass the center of the city and are designated for truck traffic. The main room is long and airy, lined with arches and windows that look out on a charming enclosed patio shaded by flowers and overhanging trees. A Porter Garner dictum, true to his city: “When a customer eats dessert, he tends to quit drinking.”. Owner Cruz Bernal was a former waiter at Mrs. Crosby’s in Acuña and at the Moderno before he opened his own posh establishment several years ago. To our own irrevocable impoverishment, our McDonald’s, Colonel Sanders fast-food lunacy dies hard, and Mexican tourist officials unfortunately feel impelled to throw up these formica-coated edifices as an outrageous sop to the gringo who misses home. His bride of less than a year sat across from me. Reflecting on the tour, I am again impressed with the dazzling variety of Texas geography; with the graciousness and politeness of Mexicans I have met. You can tell it right after stepping inside. She is a beauty with hair and eyes dark as coal and a radiance that told me their honeymoon continued. The entree must be chicken enchiladas en tomatados (tomatoes and sour cream sauce over superb chicken enchiladas). The supreme steak tampiqueña. 2010-01-28 Completed Fence Texas Part 1 (PDF, 19 MB) 2010-01-28 Completed Fence Texas Part 2 (PDF, 19 MB) 2010-01-28 Completed Fence Texas Part 3 (PDF, 13 MB) Fátima Garza is a college student and activist fighting against construction of President Donald Trump’s border wall. Before setting out on similar journeys, however, consider this caution. It looks like New Blue Cheer, but it’s good. Try a tiny glass of liqueur called Angel’s Kiss. August 9, 2010 by Roxanna Brock McDade Categories: Border Crossing, Destinations, Driving to Mexico, Vehicle Import Permit You have packed up your car, bought your Mexican auto insurance online and now you are ready to head to Mexico for a much needed beach vacation. The girls are almost all between 14 and 18 years old. Juan’s grandmother built Mrs. Crosby’s Restaurant and Motel 51 years ago, and today it remains a landmark of quiet elegance and simplicity amidst the hustling of the city. I had heard discouraging rumors recently that the Moderno’s food had slipped in quality and that it survived only because its name had been well known for over 50 years. Station of Nogales which closed in 1983 due to lack of traffic. A block down is a gross new place (restaurant, bar with rock band) called La Mansion. Try the Huevos Rancheros with a side-car order of chili con queso made from the best asadero (goat cheese) in town. It appeals to beef eaters, dancers, and at 9:30 and 11:30, floorshow watchers. Rail tracks lie within the median of the road crossing. To appreciate the stark desert beauty at its best, drive up Rim Road to Scenic Drive at dusk, stopping at the scenic overlook on Mt. This is expected to be the first toll-based border crossing on the US-Mexico border. The old favoritos of Nuevo Laredo continue to be capricious. The chairs and tables are pretty. Along the Ave. de Juarez is the Mexico you came for—all the weird mixtures of smells which compose the anthology of Mexican main street. For the tourist, the city lies in two sections: main street, where you eat, spend, dance, and drink; and the day-to-day Reynosa, up the hill, centered around the town square with its inevitable cathedral. Look for the 50-foot pagoda. Cigarettes thrown in the outside ponds killed all the fish. Rail tracks lie within the median of the road crossing from. Long the largest shrimp catching and processing center in the Western Hemisphere, it is enlarging its industrial base at a rapid rate. In some remote border towns in Texas along the Rio Grande, U.S. citizens cross back and forth for medical care in Mexico. Yet with a little work, eternal verities can be found. We traveled to the border city of McAllen, Texas to talk to locals about jobs, taxes, trade and NAFTA. Candelaria’s twin city is San Antonio de Bravo, a village of pigs, chickens, a rusting Chevrolet hulk, a general store, another white-washed church and school, and 15 or 20 adobe huts. He speaks in edicts. Immediately after crossing the bridge, you will come to El Casino run by Senor Augusto Albo Rios. A good four-piece marimba combo completes this perfect nook for messin’ around. Laredo has none of that wearying middleclass restraint and poise found in some towns where the thought of spending more than a day would appeal only to the bedridden. “In 1949, we had a copyright fight with some folks in New Orleans and to avoid more trouble, changed the name. Candelaria is a church and a school, both white as a scar; a large storage barn filled with hay and a tractor or two; and next door, the General Store. Texas border towns push COVID positive test count higher. Americans sensitized not only to the traditional objections to prostitution but to the more current ones that have come out of women’s awareness will find a totally different attitude toward the world’s oldest profession across the border. It is also best to carefully select what border town in Mexico you are planning on visiting and for what purpose. Instead of the “gorls” I had a fairly good filet in wine sauce with a likeable price ($2.40). I am reminded once again of the beauty of the two cultures that live together in language, food, music, and architecture. When the sun sets, it’s like fire sweeping across both cities, bathing houses and buildings in saffron stain. The Penny Lane is the most downtrodden on the border. Girls come from all over Mexico to work in the four or five nicest places. A year after racism turned lethal for 23 people in El Paso, a veteran journalist looks back on what’s become of her Texas border city, the victims’ families, and survivors of the hateful shooting.
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