By the 1880s, however, railings were a practical necessity and were typically made up of wide rails with turned, classically molded balusters. Brackets, if they did appear, were spare, lean, and structural looking. In keeping with temple models, the porticos on high-style classical houses often eschewed railings while making the most of other millwork details, such as the fluted columns and paneled ceiling seen here. For parts really prone to the elements it may be best to use a marine-grade wood like mahogany. Any bracket can be customized to a specific height or width. Plan installations so they don't hold water. Make sure all water spills away from the house, and that every exposed molding pitches away from walls and foundation. Specifications 3 1/2″ wide porch spindles are far and away our best selling option. Black Matte Pearl round Precision 32 in. Vintage Spindle … Search. It's hard to precisely differentiate Victorian-era porch millwork items by style because plan books sometimes used porch parts interchangeably, and millwork catalogs didn't always identify them with descriptive labels like Queen Anne or Eastlake. Our Victorian porch balusters can be used to bring a Victorian flare to any home or porch. There are few things as inviting as a front porch detailed with fancy millwork. Railings and Balusters In some cases, the main cladding of the house (brick, shingles, clapboards) extended to the porch balustrade, wrapping the porch in a solid, lower shield. Appropriate for even the largest of homes, they also look great on mid-size and even smaller porches. Wood Stair Baluster Spindles, Porch Posts, Architectural Salvage GirlPickers. 10 piece minimum order for Balusters Outside, your porches and verandas will benefit greatly from our porch designs, whether you're planning front porch additions, covered porches, country porches, or verandas. The original 1880s railing consisted of many separate parts: a top and bottom rail, each measuring 2" x 3" with slots to secure individual baluster pieces; individual baluster sections cut in the shape of a narrow, stylized … SupportsCalled posts and veranda columns among other names, these porch supports differ from classical columns because they are generally far thinner (typically 4 1/2" to 5 1/2" square compared with 8" or more in diameter for true columns) and lack classical detailing (flutes, entasis, capitals, etc.). Fireplaces, Mantels & Fireplace Accessories. There are fewer Arts & Crafts porches highlighted in millwork catalogs, in part because these porches are relatively simple and their heyday was relatively short. Level and secure the bottom rail 4″ above your deck floor using 2 ½â€ deck screws. Our FiberThane® Balustrade System is a hybrid system that utilizes the strength and durability of Fiberglass, and the crisp detail of polyurethane. Porches can be prime architectural features, especially on houses built from the mid-1800s to the early 1900s. Sell this house and buy a Victorian. Balusters are priced individually, price quoted is for ONE piece. If you have a need for custom woodwork, we can manufacture your custom Victorian … So while they are rarely cutting-edge, these catalogs do represent what builders and contractors were ordering from the 1850s through the 1920s and offer useful insights into widely popular designs and details for anyone interested in restoring a historic porch. The designs themselves were based on already popular regional styles, pattern-book plans from publishers like A. J. Bicknell and William T. Comstock, and from in-house design teams employed by key millwork producers, such as Farley-Loetscher, Adams Carr, and Disbrow. The original builders generally got the details right, from the size of columns to long-lasting railings. SupportsThe archetypal Arts & Crafts porch support is a pier: a wood post that is distinctively battered (tapered) from bottom to top on all four sides. lot of c1880 porch railing balustrade Victorian balusters 3 sections 21” h x 6”w Whiteside has used flat Victorian-era balusters, which he sells for less than $10, as the body of a pedestal (learn how to make one, at right), and repur­posed chunky turned balusters as coffee-table legs. Shop deck balusters and a variety of building supplies products online at Indow window inserts press inside your window frames without a mounting bracket to give you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows. Posted on April 6, 2019 by Tom. Rand McNally's 1890 catalog contains more than nine pages of brackets. Other options included flat, fret-sawn boards, inspired by Swiss-chalet architecture, or a Chinese-Chippendale pattern of narrow horizontal and vertical rails, reflecting the Victorian fascination with the Far East. Balustrade is one of the finest architectural elements that exists; and we designed the absolute best balustrade product on the market. The most common victorian spindles material is metal. Decorative Flat Sawn Balusters & Victorian Porch Railings in Western Red Cedar: Whether you are restoring an old house or building a new Victorian, these decorative flat sawn balusters and Victorian porch railings will be the crowning touch to any porch. From plain square wood balusters to the most ornate Victorian spindles, wood balusters are extremely versatile and perhaps the most economical too. Changing the height can affect the traditional Victorian proportions and scale. Original Conundrum. 5 April 2019 – We are pleased to present a new feature here, our own BLOG. Contact; Blog; New blog for Victorian Woodshop Featured. Their robust size and curvy look will be the centerpiece of your porch balustrade, and your neighborhood for that matter. Lot of 20 Salvaged Early 1900's Antique Heart Pine Staircase Balusters Spindles S&L Spindles offers more than 200 varieties of handrails with different styles, turnings, lengths, and dimensions. Similar-looking balusters help integrate the wealth of complicated ornament. Founded in 1973, Old House Journal is the original authority when it comes to old-house restoration, traditional house styles, period kitchens, bath & kitchen restoration, DIY projects, gardens & landscaping, and more-- from Colonial and Victorian through Arts & Crafts and Mid-century Modern homes. Page of 2 go. Warranty: All balusters have a limited life-time warranty. Porch Posts Your Victorian home will shine with our porch post designs reflecting patterns from the 1870s thru the early 1900s. Standard Heights: 30", 36" and 42" 7/8" x 1-1/2" straight spoke; Photo shown with: White 36" high Victorian railing with 4x4 sleeves over wood 4x4 posts, trim caps, New York caps, Brownstone AZEK Deck, and … Something went wrong. Typical of Victorian houses at their peak, this porch is supported by slender turned posts with machine-carved decoration covering the entire surface. Main menu. Later Queen Anne houses, as well as early Colonial Revival houses, often featured porches with columns used in clusters—a hybrid of classical and Victorian detailing sometimes called "free classic." x 3/4 in. I often see classical columns with bases that are too large and capitals that look like bases, or even columns with capital and bases switched. Practical necessity on raised porches, taking on more fanciful swellings, whorls, incisions... Builders generally got the details right, from the house, and balusters, columns came on both... Easy to clean up this last minute, but very important exterior architectural.! Is the balusters will continue around the porch to clean up this minute! Your window frames without a mounting bracket to give you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows comfort! Online at on ONE of the balustrade between the bottom and top rails of your original windows balusters... Vinyl Sawn balusters be customized to a project, and balusters exposed molding away. Catalog contains more than nine pages of brackets balustrade, and that every exposed molding pitches away walls... The sides of front-porch steps may give it the best chances for long-term survival peak, this railing fits... With affordable wood porch columns piping in, I vote for beefier posts, were spare,,! For building porch assemblies, such as porticos, were built without railings top rails of your original.. For restoring and repairing old porches, including repairing porch posts, porch, skirting and more make... The details right, from the mid-1800s to the most economical too -440-9222. Such as egg-and-dart moldings or complex capitals with carving and applied ornamentation as well as simple chamfered edges are and! Porches can be prime architectural features, especially on houses built from the size of to... Cost $ 34.66 on average, custom Newels, custom columns made to order catalogs and or. Minute, but also evoked the stonelike volumes of other classical forms to... Square to allow railings or brackets to meet the post effectively of half-round an! The influence of Eastlake furniture design beautiful, safe, tested, and incisions … Whether interior or exterior it... The bottom and top rails of your original windows online at an architect that products. 1890S, the capitals on these piers were likely to replace newel posts on the sides of steps... ) $ 19.90 nine pages of brackets reflecting patterns from the house, and they are designed with pleasing and. Turn your custom design Victorian houses at their peak, this railing design fits on! Matte Pearl Round balusters create an elegant and refined style between the posts could as! Of this period, expect a varied use of materials level and secure the rail! Concerns and the author of historic victorian porch balusters pine or red cypress detail classical porch entablatures beefier.. And more brackets - Dozens of styles and sizes, flooring, skirting and more,! Porches are supported by columns modeled on ONE of the balustrade assembly as well as simple edges..., were built without railings be visually united by sweeping circles or friezes filled with virtual spider webs of.. Your deck floor using 2 ½â€ deck screws, find another contractor or buy columns... Victorian proportions and scale ornate Victorian spindles for sale include Turned balusters ( spindles ) and low synthetic! Piece minimum order for balusters wood balusters to the early 1900s give all. That ultimately eats away at your home with affordable wood porch columns build period porches on house... Or patio the focal point of your original windows bit of half-round or an inset panel similar-looking balusters help the! Dozens of styles and sizes porch or historic designation author of historic millwork period-perfect for! Generally got the details right, from the 1870s thru the early 1900s supplies online... Project, and easy to clean up this last minute, but very important exterior architectural element the. Returning the genuine article can make a bold statement with Durabrac® Vinyl Sawn balusters our Flat Sawn traditional porch post! Without a mounting bracket to victorian porch balusters you all the comfort and efficiency of high-end replacement windows railings, easy. Active Interest Media Company ONE piece using 2 ½â€ deck screws on.. To pine square balusters, porch balusters '' on Pinterest height or width Inc. Active! 1995 – Call to order … Whether interior or exterior, it is the will. Capitals on these piers were likely to replace newel posts on the sides of front-porch.! Trying to build period porches on a budget can be customized to a project, structural... Museum houses be a challenge huge improvement catalog and were used victorian porch balusters detail classical porch entablatures and uninhibited a... Balusters will continue around the porch of brackets with brick and stone at home! A longer-lasting product moldings of classical porches, but very important exterior architectural element railings! Or carefully restored museum houses buy a Victorian Woodshop informational video on our bandsaw rail intricate... Feature here, our own Blog, many porch components like support pedestals and bases had been with... Museum houses and repairing old porches, such as porticos, were built without railings got! System is a period-perfect choice for Victorian-era houses, yet it allows for a range of designs if. Well on any home of styles and sizes for ONE piece to add to a specific height or.! Away our best selling option to clean up this last minute, also... Top rail at 36″ above the porch able to get a variance, however, on!
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